- May 20, 2008
References: engobi & ohgizmo
In need of a boost but can't stomach espresso or other energy drinks? Reach for a bag of caffeinated Engobi chips instead.

The 1.5 oz bags are packed with about double the caffeine of regular energy beverages, so if you're prone to the jitters, I'd advise sharing with a friend. At $1.29, they're also way cheaper than most specialty energy products on the market.

As for nutrition, one pack of the Cinnamon Surge or Lemon Lift flavor, containing about 66 chips a bag, has 220 calories and 11g of fat.

The company says "they spiked this stuff with 70% more caffeine than those little energy drinks. And it tastes good."

As people seek out legal stimulants to help them keep up with the demands of today's seemingly fast-paced world, energy drinks are still flooding the market. It's a huge market that companies like Engobi feel still has huge potential to reach through innovative new products.

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