From Offbeat Crisp Creations to Salty Sweet Snacks

 - Aug 15, 2013
Fried chicken chips and chocolate-covered Pringles are just two of the delicious, and bizarre, pieces of junk food found among all of these offbeat crisp creations. Potato chip companies have been doing everything possible to keep up with the changing tastes of the Internet age. Caution has been thrown to the wind in favor of experimentation with funky flavors.

Sometimes said funky flavors are hits, and other times they fade away, never to be seen on store shelves again. Still, you have to give the companies behind all of these offbeat crisp creations credit. Chip makers may have it easier than others when it comes to taking risks, but it takes courage to infuse anything with the flavor of haggis or soda pop. Yes, there are haggis-flavored potato chips in existence.