Pepsi Lays Chips Introduces Soda-Marinated Poultry Snacks Exclusively in China

 - Dec 15, 2012
References: & designtaxi
Cola-marinated chicken is not unheard of but the Pepsi Lays chips have transformed this syrupy dish into a compact snack.

Asia is notorious for adventurous flavors. Renowned for daring ingredients and risky renditions, the cola-marinated chicken-flavored chips are only one of the few crazy creations of the continent. Reminiscent of grilled barbecue, sticky caramelized molasses and syrupy soda, the Pepsi Lays chips let the chicken fans carry these delectable treats in pocket-sized pouches. Included in this sticky recipe are scallions and red chili peppers so people should expect a little bit of kick to these crisps, which would cut down the intense sweetness of the cola chicken chips as well.

The spicy and sweet flavors of the savoury snack will keep lovers snacking non-stop.