From Creamy Cocktail Cakes to Holiday Java-Inspired Sweets

 - May 14, 2012
These caffeinated confections bring a favored adult drink to a young culinary niche. Chefs and food blogs are avidly promoting the mixture of java flavors with cake batter and chocolate bars. This unusual mixture of bitter, sweet and savory flavors has worked quite well, enticing consumers with a preference for saccharine dishes.

Creamy cocktail cakes and holiday java-inspired sweets have become mainstream, dotting the menus of cafes and higher-end restaurants. The morning coffee ritual often does little to quench ones thirst for the beans, leading many to seek out edible goods modeled after the beverage. At the same time, the steady growth of fair trade mocha companies has made investments in this realm more feasible, spurring new levels of support for companies like 'The Rotisserie' and 'Gorilla Coffee.'