Rip Van Wafels Uses the Heat From Your Coffee to Melt

 - Dec 16, 2011
References: ripvanwafels & thedieline
Originally launched out of a Brown University dorm room, the brand Rip Van Wafels has come a long way. The founder Rip is a Holland native that converted his fondness for Dutch caramel waffle cookies he used to enjoy at the markets in Amsterdam into a thriving business. To help Rip expand the brand, the company turned to the South African design firm The President to dream up a fresh new look for the product that would appeal to a wide range of people. The result was quirky and informative wrapping boldly colored a with a patriotic palette.

The President placed emphasis on the treat's relationship with coffee. The box and each individually wrapped cookie comes equipped with illustrated instruction on how best to enjoy the sweet treat. It is recommended that the consumer place the waffle cookie over the mouth of their coffee cup to allow the steam from the beverage to melt the caramel filling. When the center is sufficiently melted (or you can't stand to wait any longer) you're free to enjoy the gooey confection with gusto.

Sure to give the Tim Tam Slam a run for its money, Rip Van Wafels cookie coffee duet is one for the ages.