From Technicolor Textile Branding to Frilly Collar Cartons

 - Dec 21, 2013
These vibrantly patterned packages have utilized bold colors and flamboyant patterns as a way to stand out amongst other competitors.

With so many brands and retailers selling similar products and goods, it can be quite difficult for consumers to decide which one amongst them to choose from. That's why carefully marketing a brand and product label is key to capturing a consumer's attention and loyalty. By incorporating over-the-top patterns, flamboyant colors and artistic illustrations, retailers are able to give these products more of a visually unique edge, allowing them to be more easily spotted on shelves and marketplaces.

From graphic dessert merchandizing to vintage patterned wine labels, these vibrantly designed packages will definitely draw the attention of any consumer looking for something a bit more unique and visually impressive on the shelves.