Crispy Rolls Packaging Exudes and Old Fashioned Sophistication

 - Jun 14, 2012
References: prompt-design & packagingoftheworld
Some finger food can get the rap of being too casual a snack, but this assumption is dispelled by the delicacy of Crispy Rolls packaging. Through the use of product arrangement and pattern, one can discern the sort of consumer that Prompt Design of Thailand has targeted.

A lovely background of fine polka-dots gives the biscuit boxes a gentle sweetness and a palette of pastel colors sends forth a soft image. In the center of each wrapper is a white oval labeled with the name of the Thai Pattana treats at this is outlined by an exquisite border that manifests as lacy detailing. Around this fancy emblem is a radiating display of the scrumptious tubular confections that gives Crispy Rolls packaging the refined appearance of a frilly formal ruff.