SeriousMilk Chocolate Branding Captures Abstract Creaminess

 - Jun 24, 2011
References: spiekermannpartners & lovelypackage
Companies would love it if a simple look at their product's wrapper could give the consumer a taste of their treats, but in the absence of such accessible advertising, SeriousMilk Chocolate packaging succeeds quite well in communicating some of its contents' qualities.

Edenspikermann of Germany reworked the look of the boxed sweets by altering the original visual design. The guilloche pattern was magnified and enhanced with an array of oval punctures arranged as if a part of some stretched and distorted fabric.

The appearance of SeriousMilk Chocolate packaging may initially strike the consumer as somewhat futuristic for the labeling of such an old favorite snack, but the intricate texture created emulates the look of molten cocoa and the way it melts in your mouth.