Helios and Uniform Creative Vivacious Packaging for Organic Food

 - Nov 16, 2011
References: uniform.no & lovelypackage
The organic food brand Helios has enjoyed success within specialty stores since the company was founded back in 1969, but now Helios has decided to make their products readily available on grocery store shelves. This expansion required a brand new, fresh and approachable look for the Helios brand, which was expertly handled by the Norwegian design firm Uniform. Uniform was charged with creating a design that would not only attract new customers but also avoid alienating loyal long-time consumers.

To help keep the product close to its organic roots, Uniform created a potent logo for the Helios relaunch that pays tribute to the image of the sun god. Retro and vibrant hand-drawn patterns specific to each product line were created to adorn the remaining space of the label. Each design emulates the shape and size of the seeds that would have been sown to grow the contents of each container.

Bold and vivacious, the Helios packaging is as wholesome and welcoming as a jar of its organic pickles.