Plaji Packaging Proposes the Storing of Garments in Aptly Shaped Boxes

For stores that are full of sample garments, the Plaji packaging concept is a compelling one. Imagine that you try on several pairs of pants and shirts, determine your ideal style and size, and then collect the corresponding box that contains a never-worn article that you can take home.

For such a system, Lee Ju Young designed a line of cartons that are intended to hold and protect specific items of clothing. You can determine what's inside of these packages by the graphics on the outsides. Pairs of jeans would be stashed in two-legged boxes that are patterned like blue denim, and blouses are folded within containers that suggest the forms of shoulders and dipping necklines. Plaji packaging even comes with pop-out paper hooks that allow you to hang the cartons from the rod in your closet.