Prestige Juice Branding is Expressed as a Remarkable Patterned Prism

 - Nov 30, 2013
References: & packagingoftheworld
Even the best designed cartons and bottles that contain beverages appear to acknowledge and accept their eventual disposal; but not Prestige Juice packaging. This line of fruity drinks has been wrapped up in what appear to be rectangular glass jugs that were inspired by the elegant transparent pitchers that might contain high-quality homemade blends.

To build on this classy image, Pixelinme looked to books and patterned textiles for influence. The vessels are thus rigidly formed like hardcovers, producing a prominent face for ideal retail arrangement, yet offering a narrow profile for easy storage in your pantry. Motifs like checkers and plaid are printed in bright colors that reference the prominent ingredient inside of each. Gorgeous and glossy Prestige Juice packaging communicates a sumptuous scrumptiousness that will inspire your senses.