Gilga Wine Packaging was Inspired by an Intoxicating Beauty

 - Sep 5, 2011
References: & thedieline
A great way to boost the image of a brand is to associate it with a broader idea. Gilga Wine packaging explores this technique by drawing ties between the beverage and a compelling Persian legend.

It begins with the name of the alcoholic concoction, Gilga, which was the name of a beautiful but timid courtesan to King Amurabi. An unhappy life lead her to attempt taking her own life, but she discovered that her choice poison had in fact enlivened her. Gilga had drunk a Syrah fruit wine.

The girl is stylistically illustrated on the front label of the bottle, poised to sip from the liquid-filled amphora. Further Persian visual motifs envelope Gilga Wine packaging by Fanakalo, in the form of the same geometric and meandering patterns that adorned ancient pottery.