Bops Potato Chips Packaging Channels the Fun of al Fresco Eating

 - Dec 11, 2012
References: a3-design & thedieline
There is this notion that eating out of doors is a very healthy activity, whether or not this is usually the case. Bops Potato Chips packaging references this pleasurable practice by means of one simple yet familiar pattern. The bags of Baked Organic Potato Snack have been swathed in checkers of white and either red, blue, green or orange.

They take the recognizable image of picnic blankets and allude to the experience of the much-loved cookout. Such a mealtime arrangement always requires an element of thoughtful planning, often resulting in diners' more nutritious choices. Bops Potato Chips packaging contains a type of treat that's made from high quality ingredients through a more wholesome process than most. The image expressed is punchy, playful and nostalgic and rivals the earthy marketing strategy of many organic products.