Saloio Cheese Packaging Wears the Skin of its Livestock Source

 - Mar 27, 2013
References: & packagingoftheworld
With so many different dairy products on the market, it's helpful for wrappers to provides some immediately distinguishable suggestion as to the source of what's inside. Saloio Cheese packaging does this quite clearly by displaying the familiar patterns found on different farm animals' backs.

Catarina Silva Alves designed three triangular sleeves that fit over the three-sided blocks of cheese. One boldly expresses its inverted bovine motif of white spots on a black background; another is nearly solidly black, but incorporates a long white slice down from the top, representing the streak of fur down a goat's nose; the last product has a mixture of these two designs to indicate the blend of cows' and goats' milk. Saloio Cheese packaging is lighthearted, bold and its image bounces off of the grocery store shelf.