Taste of Honey Packaging Brings the Hive Home

 - Aug 31, 2011
References: daniellemitchell & notcot.org
Not all consumers are seduced by the same merchandizing techniques, which is what makes Taste of Honey packaging so scrumptious to consider. In developing the branding for this delectable product, Danielle Mitchell came up with one solid theme, but seven different aesthetics.

For each of the four primary varieties of the honey, four distinctive bottles were conceived that are marked with unique graphic logos and contain different volumes of the spread. Besides this, another collection of three elongated jars adopt yet another set of similar patterns. Small corked test tubes appear to embrace the unbranded aesthetic, while a pouch full of honey sticks explores the tactile quality of perforated cardboard. Despite the differences in the types of Taste of Honey packaging, all elements are united in their expression of the honeycomb motif.