Second Cup's Cafe Delights Bars VS Starbucks Liquor

 - Aug 4, 2007
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Second Cup Coffee started up in Toronto in an effort to compete with the world's favourite latte local - Starbucks Coffee. It's been a few years, and they haven't even come close to capturing as many fans, but they aren't giving up their efforts.

Starbucks didn't stop at selling merchandise in their stores, and neither has Second Cup. Liquor stores sell Starbucks Liquor, grocery stores and gas stations have bottled Starbucks frappucinos is their fridges. Now Second Cup has launched their line of granola bars in deliciously appropriate Vanilla Latte and Moccaccino flavours.

At 140 calories, it's a lot easier on the waist-line than some of the tasty temptations Starbucks offers - a whopping 460 calories for a single macadamia cookie. Yikes!

The mind of a die-hard Starbucks fan can't be changed, however... I would know!

Second Cup doesn't even have a hot drink vending machine yet!