From Simplistic Java Packaging to the Coffee Inhaler

 - Apr 3, 2011
Brew branding innovations have been on the rise as of late. From the ever-so popular concepts of pop-up coffee shops to ingenious coffee coolers, the innovations that brewers are coming up with are awesome. Cups are getting more fashionable, holders are become more geometric and coffee is being reborn through baked goods. Even Starbucks recently rebranded its logo to contradict its mainstream status.

There are also movements towards more eco-friendly products: cups are now eco-chic and compostable. Coffee cup sleeves have become more recently customizable and reusable, minimizing waste. Additionally, the cultural advancements of using free-trade coffee beans has been on the uprise for the past few years.

With these brew branding innovations, mega-coffee shops such as Starbucks may have some unusual and unlikely competition.