Kapu Coffee by Teemu Karhunen was Designed to Seal and Scoop

 - Mar 1, 2011
References: finnishdesignshop.us & notcot.org
Making a simple cup of caffeine can involve so many unnecessary dishes, but the brilliant concept behind Kapu Coffee by Teemu Karhunen makes the task of brewing much more efficient.

The beauty of this product packaging lies much less in the conventional creation of the paper bag for ground beans, and completely in the clever inclusion of a reinvented chip clip. Functioning much like a wooden clothespin, the bag sealer slides over the folded opening of the pouch. With enough stiffness along its length, it keeps the sack secured tightly shut.

More brilliant however, is the carved divot in the end of the wooden tongs. Acting like a spoon, it's there to scoop the grind out of the bag and into the coffeemaker. Fulfilling two simple functions with one reusable form, the design of Kapu Coffee by Teemu Karhunen adds efficiency to your morning roast routine.