From Self-Stirring Coffee Mugs to Chunkless Coffee Whiteners

 - Dec 4, 2012
Coffee makers and mugs are a little too typical for the caffeine addicts but searching for original one-of-a-kind presents for coffee lovers can be difficult. Though coffee makers and cups are essential, these presents for coffee lovers offer an exciting and ingenious twist to the typical brewing methods.

From multifunctioning coffee-brewing toasters for those morning rushes to stiletto-shaped coffee pots for shoe lovers, coffee addicts will surely get a kick out of these gifts. For those in an even greater rush or are paranoid about coworkers stealing their beloved coffee, there's always brewing travel mugs and smooth chunkless coffee whiteners to solve those problems. Considering addicts probably drink more than two cups a day, it's better to have them check their acid levels regularly with the coffee acid trackers as well in case of acid reflux.