The Re-Warming Device Will Keep Your Coffee Hot All Winter Long

 - Jan 3, 2012
References: yankodesign
As temperatures drop, it gets harder and harder to keep your precious caffeine nice and toasty -- but fear not, the ingenious Re-Warming by designer Hyewon Lee will help keep your java happily steaming. There is nothing more disappointing than reaching for what you think is your trusty hot cup of joe only to find stone-cold coffee hitting your anxious lips. With the trusty Re-Warming waiting poised for action laptop side, you'll never have to suffer through dreary cooled coffee again.

Shaped like an Apple product or a wand-like contraption out of Harry Potter, the Re-Warming device quickly elevates the temperature of your beverage until it is to your optimum drinking temperature. Now, you'll have no reason to pitch a half a cup of freezing, neglected coffee. You can stop your frequent trips to the crowded office coffeemaker and sit comfortably and constructively at your work station until your mug is drained of the last drop of java.

A bonafide life-saver for caffeine fanatics everywhere, the Re-Warming wand is sleek, stylish and dead useful.