The Arch Infuser is Ready for Every Step of Your Teatime Ritual

 - Jun 21, 2012
References: hongyingguo
The idea that a loose leaf sieve is a simple implement is blown out of the water by the Arch Infuser. This little appliance boasts more than the ability to keep green tea leaves from floating around your mug, it offers its services before you even choose your preferred brew.

Hong Ying Guo's contraption first acts as a spoon, helping you scoop your herbal medley out of the canister. Once shut tight and placed into a teacup, it allows boiled water to seep into its perforations and draw color and flavor from inside. Then when your drink has reached your ideal intensity the Arch Infuser can be drawn out of the liquid and hooked onto the rim of your coffee cup, kept away from strengthening your beverage.