The Vacuum Coffee Saver Does Not Allow for Stale Caffeine

 - Oct 14, 2012
References: gadgetsmatrix
There are many tricks and urban myths on how to preserve the freshness of your coffee beans and grinds, but none as high tech as the Vacuum Coffee Saver.

Without the use of aluminum foil, plastic wrap or the freezer, the Vacuum Coffee Saver allows you to grind all your beans at once and store them for long periods of time. After pouring the ground beans into the blender-like container, attach the vacuum nozzle and extract all the air. The container is made from tinted polycarbonate so it can protect the contents from the degrading effects of light. Despite being labeled as a coffee sealer, this jar is good for cereal and cookies too. The Coffee Saver can hold over a pound of food and is also dishwasher safe.