The 'Power for Brain' Cup Energizes Your Head with a Dose of Caffeine

 - Jan 7, 2012
References: shinobu-koizumi
The majority of animated toys these days tend to be driven by batteries rather than the old turning keys, making the latter types nostalgic icons from distant childhoods. The 'Power for Brain' cup and saucer pair flaunts this very artifact, employing it for a new function but wound up with timeless symbolism.

Designer Shinobu Koizumi's demitasse is ideal for cupping your morning dose of espresso. The protuberant wind-up dial is gripped between the fingers as a regular coffee cup handle would be, and the very act of lifting the liquid expresses the whimsical meaning within the piece.

Once the rim of the teacup reaches your lips, you will tip the 'Power for Brain' towards you. This causes the small silver key to turn in space, signifying the mental invigoration that will come from your robust beverage.