Enjoy the Perfect Cup with the Stir The Squeeze Coffee Maker

 - Sep 24, 2012
References: yankodesign
Making coffee on the go is not an easy feat if cream is involved, but designer Yu-Ren Lai has come up with the 'Stir Then Squeeze' to let java junkies get their daily fix a lot easier.

For coffee addicts like me, I find it exceedingly difficult to pack all the coffee necessities with me on my journey to work, especially if I know there is no coffee maker available. I have to settle with instant coffee and coffee whitener, which is not acceptable. Whitener often clumps and chunks float to the surface, which is absolutely unappealing. Stir Then Squeeze is a spoon-like dropper contraption that can store coffee powder and creamer in one, so consumers don't have to settle with chunky bits that remind us of egg whites. Once the coffee is dissolved, the dropper can be placed in the mug, squeezed and then stirred.