The Perk Travel Mug is an Infuser, a Kettle and a Vessel All in One

 - Jun 22, 2011
References: quirky & gizmodo
If you find that your desktop coffee cup is often being expected to perform above and beyond its limited abilities, the Perk Travel Mug is probably going to be a lot better suited for the job of serving you java. Designer Brian Wethington has teamed up with the manufacturers at Quirky so that this convenient contraption can find its way into your life.

The product is essentially an 8-inch beverage container with inner and outer transparent plastic layers. It sits in an electric dock that facilitates the boiling of the glass's contents. Three different lids give the receptacle very different capabilities, including a perforated basket to act as a loose leaf tea infuser, a plunger to function as a French press for coffee, and a basic cap with a small hole in it, so that you can drink directly from the Perk Travel Mug too.