The AeroShot Wakes You up in a Matter of Milliseconds

 - Oct 19, 2011
References: aeroshots & gizmodo
The AeroShot is precisely what most people need in those fleeting morning moments when one questions his or her ability to crawl out of bed. Sometimes, you simply need a kick of energy.

Designed in the likeness of a devastating shotgun shell, the AeroShot contains almost as much raw power. Each cartridge contains the same caffeine as a strong mug of coffee, without the gaseous side effects. The shells are filled to the brim with six to eight puffs of breathable aerosol, which in turn contains Vitamin B and approximately 100 milligrams of caffeine. In short, AeroShot will provide the effects of your favorite poison (an espresso, coffee or a Redbull), without the calories or pungent taste.

The inventor, Harvard professor David Edwards, explains there are 90 days to go until this energy bullet hits storeshelves in New York and Boston.