From Oversized Laundry Art to Recycled Wooden Furnishings

 - Jul 30, 2012
These crafty clothespin products show how multi-functional these clips are capable of being.

From acting as a laundry product to serving as a medium for artists to keeping food fresh, there's no stopping these holders. Keeping things in place without any adhesive or stickiness, the usefulness of the small devices is undeniable, and the pieces have been appropriated in many ways. Ubiquitous and wonderfully affordable, these make for great craft products and are incorporated into a wide variety of DIY projects. Available in a variety of colors and sizes, the designs of these little clips is easily altered, and has been revamped to suit the interests of buyers with creative and impressively sleek designs.

Mighty and strong, the clothespin is a design wonder, and is sure to continue popping up in people's lives in unexpected ways.