The DrinKlip Lets You Fasten Your Glass Anywhere

 - Oct 12, 2011
References: notcot
There are many scenarios that call for a beer but present the consumer with few options for setting down his bottle. The DrinKlip is ideal for those relaxing afternoons on the dock, with your cold one secured to the arm of your Muskoka chair.

But anyone who leads a cluttered life knows the value of a patch of clean tabletop for the placement of a glass. Making your beverage independent of the mess in your sitting room, this clever accessory can be effectively attached to any horizontal surface of less than a couple inches' thickness. The leverage end of the magnified clothespin contraption incorporates a circular cutout with a base, optimized for containing cups and other objects securely. The delightful DrinKlip comes in a full spectrum of colors to add a playful touch to your furnishings.