From Coffee-Infused Shampoo Bars to Motivational Coffee Mugs

 - Nov 6, 2013
These gifts for coffee drinkers prove that there are a variety of interesting ways to have your morning cup of coffee. Although there are plenty of creative mugs to sip from, there are also alternative ways to get your caffeine fix that range from sprays to candy, injections and socks infused with caffeine to deliver an effective boost of energy.

In addition to providing a pick-me-up, many of these products also offer effective solutions to those who are pressed for time and prone to spills. Pouring a steaming hot cup of java into a travel mug hardly takes any time, but items like coffee-filled chocolate treats and caffeine-infused brownies are great for satisfying your sweet tooth, as well as being much easier to tuck into a bag and take on the go.