This Tub of Caffeinated Candy Equals to 50 Cups of Coffee

 - May 15, 2013
References: thinkgeek & thatsnerdalicious
If you just can't seem to get enough of a caffeine fix in the morning, and want something that will boost you up during the day, then these caffeinated candy treats will allow you to creatively enjoy chocolate and coffee in one convenient bite.

Sometimes one cup of java in the morning just isn't enough to keep you energized during the day, and what better way to keep you up and alert then by having a few caffeinated candies ready and waiting at your desk? This prescription-like container of chocolate candies has a label that states that these treats are the equivalent to 50 cups of coffee, which even the most hardcore coffee drinker would be scarred of.

So, if you're ever in the mood to give yourself a little caffeine and sugar fix during the day, then these caffeine-filled chocolate candies will surely give you that extreme boost of energy.