The Coffee Phone Case Explains the Benefits of Drinking Coffee

 - Sep 9, 2013
References: urbanoutfitters
If you’re someone who can’t get through their day without their morning cup of Joe, the coffee phone case will suit you perfectly.

This protector is made to guard the iPhone5. The cover is an off-white color but features the picture of a coffee cup with a heart in it and phrases in black ink. The top of the case reads, "the benefits of drinking coffee" and a list of reasons are written around the cup. Some of the reasons are the ones are pretty common such as ‘energy’ and the fact that it wakes you up. However, there are some reasons that are a personal preference. For example, some reasons include, "you get to use your favorite mug" and "people watching in coffee shops."

This cute coffee phone case shares the most common funny excuse people give for drinking coffee which is, "great for procrastinating."