The Wire Coffee Mug Holds Your Liquid Form Morning Jolt

 - Oct 20, 2013
References: & designspotter
How do you feel after drinking your morning cup of coffee? Does it make you feel like you're finally powering up? The Wire Coffee Mug captures this boost of a feeling with a playful design that's electrically inspired.

Rocket Design has served up this playful piece of crockery by Italian designers Marco Fanelli, Luca Bregoli and Filippo Biagi. Fundamentally, it's your typical white ceramic coffee cup, formed to take a cylindrical shape, yet it's been amplified with an unexpected handle. Just beneath the brim, the unconventional handgrip connects to the vessel; it curves down and inwards but remains detached. This part of the Wire Coffee Mug was modeled after an audio plug, or another similar sort of electrical cable. It features a brightly colored cord casing and the word POWER written below its connection point.