Flower and Vine Clips Keep Stems Straight and Plants Upright

 - May 1, 2011
References: whateverworks & bookofjoe
Flower and Vine Clips are such simple contraptions, but an avid gardener might attest to their ingenious design. Instead of using regular clothespins, twist ties, twine and other DIY solutions for encouraging stem growth along stakes, the Whatever Works Garden collection offers these plastic clasps that diverge from their laundry line antecedents with a simple opening of the clutch.

The user-friendly design allows enough space between the pincers to fit a dowel and a burgeoning branch or stalk. They're easy to open, firm to fasten and come in the color green to blend into the leaves of your herbs. Designed for smaller plants that require early training, Flower and Vine Clips will guide plants along your preferred angle to mature to the shape and height you desire.