Doggy Java Cafe

 - Nov 15, 2007
References: doggyjava & gizmag
It's not just humans that enjoy kicking back with a nice cup of coffee -- man's best friend also likes a nice warm brew when chillier weather sets in. Although they may not drool over the bitter beans we humans enjoy, their tails are certain to wag like crazy when they get a waft of the beef-flavoured canine coffee at the Doggy Java Cafe.

Next time the two of you take a stroll to your local Starbucks, don't forget to pack the Canine Cappucino Cup, the caffeine-free carnivorous beverage. It comes with special biscuits your four-legged friend is sure to woof down!

"Doggy Java comes in a coffee bag and looks like coffee when mixed with water, but it is in fact the first, Veterinarianâ€"approved, all natural, liquid vitamin drink treat for dogs," Giz Mag explained. "It works by inducing a dog's desire to drink water and at the same time providing vitamins, minerals and antioxidants."

As more people treat their pets as their own children, it makes sense they feel laden with guilt when they leave ol' Sparky in the rain, left to slurp out of dirty metal bowls filled with cold water and the germs of dozens of other pooches.

If you want to treat your furry friend to a special afternoon, why not share a biscotti, er Bonescotti, together this winter?