- May 27, 2012
These mind-blowing cafes promote sensational and entirely novel ways to sip caffeinated beverages. The daily consumption of brewed beans has become an international phenomenon, marking the routines of millions from around the globe. And while countless individuals are united in this sense, the ways in which this tradition has been maintained have been anything but united.

A confusing array of sugars, syrups and creams have been mixed in to warm concoctions, spurring the growth of products on behalf of brands like Nestle and Natrel. These dynamic geometry coffee shops and kitty cuddling java houses have attempted to combine their menus with this hodgepodge of additives, delivering tasty concoctions with atypical twists. At the same time, talented architects have turned the banal mocha experience on its head, merging tasty mixtures with inspiring atmospheres.

From Dynamic Geometry Coffee Shops to Kitty Cuddling Java Houses: