The Javabot

 - Apr 16, 2008
References: gizmag
The Javabot is a walk-in coffee machine that blends seven different kinds of specially roasted and ground beans, at the right temperature, to give you that perfect cup of coffee.

The Javabot "delivers a coffee with your favorite blend of seven beans, plus how they are roasted, ground and the temperature at which the coffee is brewed, all inside 30 seconds," according to Gizmag. "It's the only walk-in coffee machine in the world right now, but we suspect the number will grow rapidly once people understand what it delivers."
As a non-coffee drinker who winces at the slightest whiff of coffee, my friends inform me my visceral dislike for a drink that is consumed with gusto by billions of people worldwide is a bit strange. But I could see why the owner of one of these would think life is good!