From Sci-Fi Java Producers to Tubular Countertop Baristas

 - May 24, 2012
If java, espresso and joe are your best friends, then take a browse through these impressively sleek coffee makers. A good cup of joe requires perfectly roasted beans and a well-built machine to do the job right.

With the prevalence of daily caffeine addicts today, manufacturers are integrating brewing apparatuses straight into the kitchen decor. From wall-mounted machines to elegant taps dripping out liquid gold, a good brew is only an arm's length away. If you prefer your coffee on-the-go or are rushing to get out the door, there are a number of options dedicated to the frantic morning riser. Some of these appliances are seriously high-tech with touchscreens, music and laser beams integrated into their design.

If cappuccinos and lattes are your beverage of choice, consider upgrading to one of these sleek coffee makers.