The Mypressi Twist Gives You A Fresh Shot With A Squeeze

 - Apr 28, 2009
References: gizmodo
The Mypressi Twist proves people still can't get enough of their espresso -- and aren't willing to be caught without access to their aromatic brew anymore.

The boom in demand for handheld espresso makers (remember the Handpresso?) might seem a little silly for those who aren't espresso connoisseurs -- especially when you see the $129 pricetag. However, if you think about how many Starbucks coffees that is, it's really reasonable. Let's say a latte is about $3, that's 43 drinks from your neighborhood barista. If you drink 5 a week (for most of us espresso lovers, it's closer to 15), that's 8.6 weeks. So in two months, this guy would pay himself off!

Since the recession has everyone crunching numbers, gadgets like the Mypressi Twist handheld espresso maker might just be the new Starbucks.