The Delizio's Jukebox

 - Apr 12, 2008   Updated: May 20 2011
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The Jukebox was released by Swiss company Delizio. This slender, attractive machine allows you to listen to music while preparing coffee through a cable connected to your MP3 player. The Delizio Comfort II coffee maker comes in black, white, silver and red and even though I am not a coffee drinker I can still admire this pretty concept and design.

Implications - Music is a part of everyone's daily lives and with portable players, it's become even more dominant. With many people using MP3 players, it has become common to integrate MP3 capabilities to appliances so that people can listen to their own music as opposed to using the radio. It's extremely unlikely that the MP3 format will fade away, so chances are businesses will continue to incorporate this technology into their products to satisfy a market who places an important emphasis of having music wherever they are and wherever they go.