From Q-Shaped Compact Brewers to Fishbowl Caffeine Pumpers

 - Dec 6, 2011
These clever coffee machines are sure to make any java hound jealous. Since most of the world is useless without their morning cup of joe, the acute need for innovative coffee maker designs will always be there. The coffee market is becoming increasingly complex. Making a decent cup of coffee these days goes well beyond adding freeze-dried granules to a mug of hot water. These days, not only the variety of beans has changed, but so has the method.

From pod-using coffee machines to low-tech french presses, everyday homes have been outfitted like mini Starbucks stores all in an effort to achieve that perfect brew. You now have the option to select low-acid brewers and portable espresso machines, so you'll never have to endure the injustice of being served a badly made cup of coffee.

When it comes to a beverage as important as coffee, it pays to be picky. Pick up any one of these clever coffee machines and find your inner barrista as you attempt to brew the perfect cup.