The Handpresso Wild for On-the-Go Caffeination

 - Jan 16, 2008
Espresso snob? If so, then you’re likely very apprehensive to stop for a Tim Horton’s on the road. You may even skip that caffeine fix altogether if you know you can’t get a good brew. Thanks to a fancy new gadget for the nomadic espresso connoisseur, you may never have to find yourself in this dilemma again.

I bring you the Handpresso Wild, a portable espresso maker for the perfect Americano anywhere. It also happens to have a hilarious TV commercial which you’ll find above.

The clear pod on a black stick comes complete with a pressure pump and gauge to ensure that perfect cup with immaculate crema. And don’t worry about electricity; all you need is hot water, our Handpresso and the convenient little pods that come in a wide variety of flavors!

It’s eco-friendly, too. "You drink coffee outside or inside and you save energy by not leaving your machine in standby mode. You use Handpresso made to last from selected environmentally-friendly materials and parts," the site says.