On-Orbit Coffee Cup Is A Must-Have For Zero-Gravity Baristas

 - Mar 4, 2009
References: tuvie
Since outer space is not the friendliest of environments, bold astronauts are always faced with a range of troubling issues to deal with. The most recent concern, raised by space invader Donald Pettit, seems to be the morning coffee.

It may sound strange to us ground-stuck beings, but zero gravity does not present ideal conditions for drinking your caffeine beverage, or anything for that matter. In an effort to battle the distress of an espresso drawn out of a heated aluminium bag, Travis Baldwin introduced the On-Orbit Coffee Cup to add a more humane touch to outer space missions. The novel mini mug is designed to utilize surface tension in order to retain the liquid stuck right were you want it and, consequently, keep this simple routine an enjoyable one.

So, problem solved for astronauts and potential space travelers alike. Still, however understanding, I want to feel for those daring to experience such an alien setting. I do hope that the space-related innovations lying ahead will eventually surpass the culinary sphere.