The Mocha Mojo Coffeehouse Looks Like a Playful LEGO Land

 - Jun 16, 2011
References: mancini-design & contemporist
The Mocha Mojo coffeehouse may not look like a traditional cafe with its colorfully layered look. In fact, it looks more like a play area for children inspired by iconic LEGO building blocks. Instead, it is inspired by the 70’s mastery of 'special,' which is furniture and wallpaper that in turn took cues from early modernists’ approach towards interiors.

Designed by Mancini Design, the Mocha Mojo coffeehouse is located in Chennai, India. Bright and bold, it focuses on a 60s and 70s view of opulence and ornamentation in which light and color is brought to their basic and pure forms.

With an overall 3D aesthetic, the Mocha Mojo coffeehouse really pops out. I feel as though the drink and food will have to be exceptionally good in order to be noticed at all.