From Clothes-Cleaning Cafes to Feline-Focused Coffee Shops

 - Apr 29, 2014
With the on-going competition amongst retailers to capture clientele, companies are turning to unorthodox techniques to draw attention, and these eccentric cafes are some fantastic examples of how adding unexpected elements to a traditional retail space can easily add enhanced appeal.

With coffee chains like Starbucks continuing to expand into every city block and suburban area, smaller cafe retailers are easily being overshadowed by such a massive, and well-known eatery. These eccentric cafes however, have creatively added new and exciting features to their retail space, turning ordinary eating and drinking experiences into much more enticing activities.

From cafes that incorporate furry felines to those that offer convenient laundry services on the side, these eccentric cafes will certainly make an impression with consumers with their hybrid design aesthetics and abstract overall concepts.