Find Comfort in a Stranger's Arms at the Cuddle Cafe

 - Oct 1, 2012
References: odditycentral
Situated in Akihabara, Japan, the city where most gadgets, electronics, and maid cafes are centralized, the country introduces the cuddle cafe.

If warm fuzzy blankets and body pillows aren't enough, people can now pay a minimum of $13 to sleep for three minutes in a girl's arms. Soineya, literally meaning "sleep together shop," offers a variety of sleeping aids as well such as softly stroking the head or back, gentle stares at each other in bed, and reciprocating services like foot massages and sleeping in each other's laps.

The cuddle cafe is designed for those who don't wish to sleep alone at night and can find comfort in another's arms. Attached to the cost is the ability to pick the ideal girl you would like to cozy up with.