LAVA Lemonade Cafe is a Quirky Drink-Serving Contraption for RCA Campus

 - Jun 21, 2012
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Looking at first like a crazy science experiment or a collaborative effort for an epic marble run, the LAVA Lemonade stand brings a wonderful whimsicality into the lives of students who may have misplaced their youthful imaginations. Aleksandra Mirecka constructed this eccentric contraption as a mobile cafe in which she can make, sell and serve fresh citrus beverages.

Part of this year's Royal College of Art show, the artist stirred up fun at the Battersea campus with this marvelous project. It comprises a framework of slender metal pipes that have been soldered together and painted in a cheery turquoise to produce a custom-equipped workstation for producing refreshing drinks. The LAVA Lemonade Cafe has open troughs for holding handmade glasses, baskets of lemons and strawberries, a protruding wooden juicer and a full carafe of the final scrumptious product.