Starbucks Adds "Energy" To Drinks

 - May 13, 2008
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There's coffee, there's espresso, and then there's “energy” on the menu list of additives to get you powered up at Starbucks. They've added the option to enhance the caffeine in their already-stimulated beverages with shots of +Energy, a combination of ginseng, guarana and B vitamins, the same ingredients you find in most energy drinks on the market today.

Want to try it? Just order the “Doubleshot on Ice +Energy” next time you're going for your afternoon Starbucks pick up! By the way, for those watching their waistlines, a tall with non-fat milk weighs in at a bikini-friendly 70 calories!

If you really like the feeling of caffeine jitters, I suggest a double shot in the dark (coffee with two shots of espresso) +Energy!

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