These Coffee Joulies Can Cool Down and Warm Up Your Coffee with Ease

 - Mar 31, 2011
References: kickstarter & gizmag
All of you java junkies out there are going to start fiending for a cup of Joe after I finish telling you about the featured Coffee Joulies. Coffee Joulies are a unique product designed to help cool down your coffee while keeping it warm at the same time.

Coffee Joulies work by absorbing excess heat from your coffee, causing the material inside of them to melt. Once enough heat has been absorbed, the material inside the Joulies begins to solidify again, releasing the stored heat. Joulies do not leak toxic chemicals and are said to last a lifetime. Currently, the Joulies are a Kickstarter product, but designers Dave Jackson and Dave Petrillo have already raised more than what they originally asked for, which means it won't be long before we see these bad boys in Starbucks everywhere.