- Jun 23, 2008
References: bikecaffe & springwise
When innovating, it's wise to build off a product with hot demand, like coffee. Bikecaffe combined the love of freshly brewed joe with convenience and a hot societal trend: being eco-friendly. What resulted was a pedal-powered coffee retailer.

After the business was launched in the UK in March, the mobile kiosks began to gain popularity, giving Bikecaffe's founders, Will and Steve, the confidence to expand to the rest of Europe.

"Using heavy-duty cargo tricycles, Bikecaffe travels emission-free as it serves up a range of coffee blends from roasters Segafredo Zanetti and Integrity Fair Trade," SpringWise explains. "The company's trikes use a gas-powered machine for brewing and can produce up to 500 cups per dayâ€"served in recyclable containersâ€"along with chai, biscotti and other edibles."

It's an ingenious idea. Instead of setting up a brick and mortar shop that does well on particular days of the week (M-F, 9-5) or at certain times of the day, the Bikecaffe can be taken to the people, wherever they may be. It's a beautiful, sunny day? Take it to the park. It's a Monday morning and the line for lattes is out the door at Starbucks? Park on the curb nearby.

If you're planning an event, a Bikecaffe can be booked, ideal for concerts, conferences, parties, graduations and even weddings.