Whirlpool Espresso Refrigerator

 - Oct 1, 2007   Updated: Mar 31 2011
References: engadget
This brand new Whirlpool Espresso refrigerator is the ultimate gizmo for the caffeine-addicted! Convenience is key -- you have your milk and cream just inches from your freshly-brewed cup. This innovative fridge debut next January. Until then we'll have to stick to morning Starbucks runs.

Implications - Urban coffee shops are notorious for being packed with customers during the peak hours of rush hour. With this in mind, products like this make it easier for consumers to get their morning caffeine fix before work without having to sacrifice huge amounts of time in the process. Any product that lets busy workers cut down on the things that eat up their day is going to be met with enthusiasm, so companies that target this demographic should definitely take note.